Increase Comfort When Driving A Motorcycle
Increase Comfort When Driving A Motorcycle

Increase Comfort When Driving A Motorcycle

Reduce Tension In Your Hands

Riding a motorcycle is a real experience and a great pleasure. However, when driving for a long time, since it is controlled mainly with the hands, great tension and even pain can be created in them. Now there is a solution to reduce that tension, and that is the steg pegz .

Steg pegz is an accessory that is very easy to install on your motorcycle. It is designed to support the legs. It is placed in the lower leg area. Thus, the driver is supported in his legs during acceleration and does not allow him to go backwards. By supporting the legs, the load on the drivers’ arms is reduced, so that the arms will be less tired and tense.

Steg Pegz

Steg pegz is a device in the form of a rubber puck. The advantage of using a tire is a perfect grip, which greatly helps the motorcyclist when driving. They attach very easily to the side panels of your engine. It comes packaged with the necessary screws, so it’s very easy to install. Steg pegs are made for all major brands. They are very adjustable, as the rubber pucks can be moved back and forth in the slots made. To begin with, it is best to place the pucks in the middle of the slot. The more you ride using the steg pegz, the more comfortable you will feel driving. Where your rubber pucks will be placed also depends on your driving style, leg length and other things, so you will eventually find the position that suits you best.

Many motorcyclists are afraid of hooking rubber pucks to their boots, however, they are designed so well that such a possibility does not exist.

If you want to reduce the load on your hands and the front part of your body when riding a motorcycle, one click on the steg pegz is enough. With a little getting used to the new part, you will soon see all the advantages that steg pegz offers you.