Consumer Portfolio Services
Consumer Portfolio Services

Considered Buying a New Car? Learn About Consumer Portfolio Services

How to Finance a New Car or What is Consumer Portfolio Services

Buying a new car is always an exciting time. Whether you are buying your first car or simply upgrading, the process can be tedious and overwhelming. With so many financing options available it can be difficult to know where to turn. With our guidance on how Consumer Portfolio Services works, not only will you have a much better understanding of what the company does but also why it may be right for you!

Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) offers loans that allow consumers to buy vehicles with low monthly payments and no-money down at the time of purchase. The CPS auto loan program includes flexible repayment terms, which makes budgeting easier for consumers who want convenient monthly payments throughout their term of ownership.

Consumer Portfolio Services

Consumer Portfolio Services provides a variety of financing options to meet the needs and budget of any consumer. Whether you are buying your first car or simply upgrading, CPS can help make it an easy process for consumers. Consumer Portfolio Services offers competitive rates that will fit within anyone’s budget as well as flexible repayment terms so that buyers have more control over their monthly payments.

As long as you qualify with good credit, there is no limit in how much money CPS can give you! The major benefit to CPS is that you can have a new car and not worry about making monthly payments while being able to purchase any other items in your life.

CPS has helped many people buy cars who otherwise would not be able to afford them on their own; this option makes driving accessible for those without high incomes but also helps those wanting better vehicles than they could otherwise afford on one income alone. When you go to the dealership, simply ask for Consumer Portfolio Services.