How to Detail Your Car

A Step by Step Guide

Imagine a car that is covered in dirt, grime and who knows what else. Now imagine the same vehicle after it has been detailed by a professional. The difference can be astonishing! A thorough car detailing will remove all of the stains, spills, and soiling from your automobile to make it look like new again. This article will cover how you too can detail your own vehicle at home with a minimum amount of work required on your end. For the best info click on drbuffcarcare.com.au/ and learn more.

You will need proper equipment to detail your car. You will need:

– Car soap (or shampoo)

– Towel or washcloth

– Soft brush or mitt, such as a kitchen scrubber

– Bucket of soapy water with some washing soda and vinegar added to the mix for extra cleaning power


Most people don’t have access to these products locally, but they can be purchased online easily from places like Amazon.com. If you do not want to purchase any items in advance, make sure that when buying something at the store it is marked “safe for use on cars” because many household cleaners are too harsh for vehicles by design.

When detailing your vehicle’s engine bay area, cover everything with an old sheet before spraying down the products that you have. The engine bay is the most important area to detail because it accumulates an insane amount of dirt and grime over time, which will eventually cause corrosion if left untreated.”

Conclusion: When you’re cleaning your vehicle’s interior (dashboard), use a dry cloth rather than wet so that you don’t leave behind streaks and smudges. Make sure not to get anything wet when wiping off leather surfaces.