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Five Tips To Organize Perfect Wine Testing Tour

If you are planning on going wine tasting, you should have a few ideas in mind before you embark. This blog post will go over five tips for organizing your perfect wine testing tour so it is unforgettable and not stressful. The Margaret River Experience WA offer unique opportunity to experience something new.

Tip One: Figure out what types of wines are most appealing to you beforehand and do some research about the wineries that produce them. You want to know the basics like grape blend (what grapes comprise the mix), the producer’s philosophy or signature style, how many acres they own/produce from, etc., as well as details such as hours of operation and their website address. Planning where you’re headed ahead of time prevents frustration when searching for directions during your trip!

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When doing this type of research be sure to read description of the wine, not just tasting notes. Reading about the winery will also provide you with some background knowledge that can help inform your decision on where to go!

Tip Two: Scan websites and Facebook pages of different vineyards for information about hours of operation and other important details related to the day-of visit (e.g., they may have a policy for no cell phone use). This research is crucial in planning out which spots are worth visiting during your limited time frame, as well as what types of wines you should plan on sampling at those particular vineyards. Tip Three: Figure Out Your Budget – You don’t want to be halfway through your trip when you find out that there’s only enough cash left for one more tasting because it can change your entire itinerary.

Tip Four: Make sure you know what type of wines and types of vineyards you want to visit, before booking your trip – the more specific you are about this information beforehand, the easier it will be for wineries themselves (and us) to help guide you!

Tip Five: Know Your Wine Tastings – So much time can go into planning a wine tasting tour that leaves little time to enjoy some unique sites in each region. Be sure not only to plan out which ones you’ll visit, but how long they take so as not to waste any precious vacation days with unnecessary driving or delays because of traffic.